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Kat Fun N' Katalina: Make Good Friends and Have Fun

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There is nothing more important to us than making children smile. El Gato Productions’ upcoming projects are designed to provide fun and entertainment. This includes an app, which serves as an amusement park where young people can make friends.

Bullying Don't Go 'Round Here

El Gato Production's Stop Bullying Campaign Poster
Fashion / Collectible Cards
Female Cat Cartoon Figure
Kate Street Art
Space Travel - Film / Television
Space Travel - Film, Television Poster
KAT Alert Graphic Poster

New Releases Worldwide

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Where Is Your Love
Stevie Wonder


''The Flashy Dancer"

The Flashy Dancer
Bully Alert

Bully Alert

Bully Each Other?
Watch Out!
You'll Be Destroyed,
By Each Other!! And That's,
The Doggone Truth!!!

Big Rig

Big Rig

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Rollercoaster Rides
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Food, Drinks, and Katnip
The Famous Katwalk

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Interested in learning more about our Stop the Bullying campaign? Feel free to talk to us for more information.

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